DJ Akalepse Set from Lemellotron

Great stuff! ‘lepse also dropped by Hamburg’s Mojo Club.

Flea Market Funk

AkalepsePhoto Credit Michael Manley
Today we bring you a sweet treat all the way from Paris via Brooklyn. Friend of the site and impeccable digger and DJ Danny Akalepse has been on a European tour for the last few weeks and he stopped by Lemellotron to drop one of his signature sets. Lemellotron have been putting a variety of DJs from all over the world on their show to play live for more than a minute, and it’s cool to hear a set from one of BK’s finest. Filled with some great funk, soul, hip hop and more, ‘lepse drops a lovely set that takes you on a ride through sweet songs, hard drum breaks, and more. We have always been a fan of his work with the Truth & Soul label, and if you haven’t got a chance to see him live, here’s a chance to at least hear…

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The Out Of Towners – Marlton Boys Club

thx for this lovely review, J.!

Flea Market Funk

OutofTowners 7thebandToday’s slice of goodness comes from the good folks over at Our Label Records from Hamburg, Germany. Gu and Tom have featured funky stuff from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, and Russia. The world hasn’t stopped being funky, and this time they travel to Canada by way of Leeds, UK. The Out of Towners are now based in Toronto, and this quartet is gaining momentum with this 7″. With a huge appreciation for bands like The Meters and Booker T. & the MG’s on the A side “Marlton Boys Club”, this thing simmers like some Nawlins gumbo. With plenty of Hammond organ and guitar to sit perfectly with drums and bass, this is a groover. The flip, “If He’s Number 6, Then I’m Number 7”, is an uptempo side with a plethora of wah wah guitar and chunky drums to keep heads nodding and feet moving all throughout the duration…

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Big Ups With JJ Whitefield

Nice one! Those fellas from Munich deserve their Daptone treatment 😉

Flea Market Funk


This week we have a real treat in our Big Ups series. If you are a fan of Modern Funk and Soul, or the artists who are making music (recording in the same manner as well) as a lot of these long, forgotten funky artists, then you have to give JJ Whitefield a huge thanks. Without this man, there would be no Truth & Soul and there would be no Daptone Records and those that followed, there would be no Funk and Soul music scene from the 1990’s on. JJ Whitefield and Bo Baral put out the 1993 classic Practice What You Preach record by their band The Poets of Rhythm. Channeling their inner Meters and JB’s among others, this record set the bar for the new Funk and Soul movement in the United States and lead the charge to the frenzy it is today. Real music played the way…

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