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The Exacters – Ain’t Gonna Lie

Thx for this excellent review 😉

Flea Market Funk

The Exacters Aint Gonna Lie 45If you like your funk dirty, then you’re in luck. The German label that could, Our Label records is at it again. This time they have some filthy funk with a sister that can control the microphone like she was Betty Davis. The Exacters, Manchester’s own funk doctors Guy Kilty (bass), Alex Stevenson (guitar), and Rob Shield (drums) featuring the hard hitting vocals of Roxie Ray (formerly of Dojo Cuts) on their debut 7″ for the label is as good as it gets. All the elements are there. A jangly guitar intro, blazing horns, deep bass line, and a horn section arranged by Matt Burke are all the action you need top get a dance floor moving. This early 70’s sound is raw and gritty with enough fuel in the tank to keep it sweaty.

I’m a woman and I’m super fly……

It’s tracks like this that keep our faith…

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Substantial – Follow The Master b/w Cool Mornings

Flea Market Funk celebrates the birth of Our sista label ORIGU.

Flea Market Funk

Origu Substantial 45Good record labels have a knack for putting out good records. We’ve been on the Our Records Label train for some time, and when they have something new and interesting, we are on it. Enter Origu, an off shoot label from Our Label records putting out original hip hop 45s from US emcees. For their debut 45, they teamed up with Maryland spitter Substantial and a feel good side “Follow The Master”. Produced by The Other Guys, this little record with the big hole reminisces of a fun time in hip hop. A smooth flow and dope production (not to mention some sick producing and sample selection) make this the go to hip hop 45 of the moment. Substantial has been making quality records for close to 15 years, and this record is a great example of what he can do if you’re not familiar. With a new full length…

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The Getup – Take You Down b/w The Cover Up

Flea Market Funk approves of The Getup!

Flea Market Funk

OUR45-013-A-s_555Our Label Records do not disappoint and when they put out a record, people take notice. For their latest release from their home base in Hamburg, Germany, they’ve got a double sider of funk from The Getup. No stranger to the funks scene, The Getup have been rocking stages and moving asses since 2004. Featuring an all star line up: Mark Ashfield (Hammond/Keys), Mark Claydon (Drums/perc), Ian Stevens (Bass), Lee Blackmore (Guitar), Stephen Wilcock (Sax/Flute), Tristan Gaudion (Trumpet) with Sasha Patterson (vocals) and guest appearances from Ben Greenslade-Stanton (Trombone/The Mighty Mocambos) and Mark Norton (Sax/The Fantastics), they’ve got some heavy hitters in this band. Fast forward 11 years later and Our Label Records brings out two very funky tracks to move the masses. “Take You Down” is a blast of sister funk with plenty of Hammond, horns and a driving back beat that propels Sasha Peterson’s voice to new heights…

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The Haggis Horns – Return Of The Haggis EP

The Haggis Horns also featured on Our release “The Magnificient Freedom – “F*ck Off And Leave Me Alone” which is now sold out 😉 Listen to their talents here:

Flea Market Funk

Haggis Horns Band ShotReturn of the Haggis EPIf you’ve heard records by Mark Ronson, Jamiroquai, Amy Winehouse, Morcheeba, Lily Allen, Nightmares On Wax, Corinne Bailey Rae, just to name a few, you’ve most likely heard The Haggis Horns. Playing strong since 1999, the Horns made their first appearance with The New Mastersounds and since then have never looked back. With two full lengths under their belt, 2007’s Hot Damn and 2010’s Keep Moving, the horn section and band show no signs of letting up. Their latest full length effort, What Comes To Mind, slated for an Autumn 2015 release is highly anticipated. So to keep the Haggis faithful up to speed, they’ve released the Return of the Haggis EP. Three tracks of goodness to keep your body moving until the LP comes at ya. Featuring Lucinda Slim on vocals, “Can’t Fight The Feeling” is a powerhouse of funky soul full of the horns signature sound…

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Uebertribe – Game Over b/w The Thief

Glad Fleamarket Funk approves 😉

Flea Market Funk

OUR45-012-A-s_555Happy Friday from FleaMarket Funk. Today, we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the good people from Our Label Records. Just like their previous efforts on the label, here’s another double sided banger for your record box from new band Uebertribe. Their first release on the label, the five piece out of Hamburg, Germany is making some noise and it sure is fun-kay! With influences that include afrobeat, jazz, funk, as well as voodoo and funk rock, they’re ready to blast you out into orbit in their rocket. Their mission as a band: “We sweat, you dance, we all have fun” is quite apparent in both of these tunes. “Game Over” blows right out of the gate from the start. High energy raw funk with that jangly guitar we all love mixed with some Hammond, we can’t ask for anything more. Well we can, more Hammond! You can never get enough…

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DJ Akalepse Set from Lemellotron

Great stuff! ‘lepse also dropped by Hamburg’s Mojo Club.

Flea Market Funk

AkalepsePhoto Credit Michael Manley
Today we bring you a sweet treat all the way from Paris via Brooklyn. Friend of the site and impeccable digger and DJ Danny Akalepse has been on a European tour for the last few weeks and he stopped by Lemellotron to drop one of his signature sets. Lemellotron have been putting a variety of DJs from all over the world on their show to play live for more than a minute, and it’s cool to hear a set from one of BK’s finest. Filled with some great funk, soul, hip hop and more, ‘lepse drops a lovely set that takes you on a ride through sweet songs, hard drum breaks, and more. We have always been a fan of his work with the Truth & Soul label, and if you haven’t got a chance to see him live, here’s a chance to at least hear…

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