Uebertribe – Game Over b/w The Thief

Glad Fleamarket Funk approves 😉

Flea Market Funk

OUR45-012-A-s_555Happy Friday from FleaMarket Funk. Today, we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the good people from Our Label Records. Just like their previous efforts on the label, here’s another double sided banger for your record box from new band Uebertribe. Their first release on the label, the five piece out of Hamburg, Germany is making some noise and it sure is fun-kay! With influences that include afrobeat, jazz, funk, as well as voodoo and funk rock, they’re ready to blast you out into orbit in their rocket. Their mission as a band: “We sweat, you dance, we all have fun” is quite apparent in both of these tunes. “Game Over” blows right out of the gate from the start. High energy raw funk with that jangly guitar we all love mixed with some Hammond, we can’t ask for anything more. Well we can, more Hammond! You can never get enough…

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